I get really confused when people get to know me and still flirt with me, like there are hotter funnier more enjoyable people why are you picking me why would you do that to yourself

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Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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So when people leave, I’ve learned the secret: let them. Because, most of the time, they have to.

Let them walk away and go places. Let them have adventures in the wild without you. Let them travel the world and explore life beyond a horizon that you exist in. And know, deep down, that heroes aren’t qualified by their capacity to stay but by their decision to return.

- The Staying Philosophy (Everyday Isa)

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"No, I’m not ok. But I haven’t been ok since I was 11, maybe 12. I am still here though.
I’m still breathing. For me, sometimes, that will have to be enough"
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"Oh yeah, there’s so many. But, you know, I’m an actor. I depend on being cast. I don’t make the choices about what I’ll play, and that’s kind of part of the excitement of it. You know, tomorrow a script will land in my lap and I’ll be like, ‘Oh that’s really interesting’ and go off on the research of it, and go on runs and bike rides and think about the character. Just let your imagination go with it. Actors are interpretative artists, they don’t create it, they figure it out."

Lee Pace, "Halt and Catch Fire" Star Lee Pace Is Too Busy for Games

"Now that you’ve played elves, super villains, guys who can bring back the dead. Is there a character or an archetype you haven’t played that you would like to?"

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